About Us

Who Are We?

In 2016, we launched the Anoush brand in USA, starting in our hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Our aim is to supply restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturers and individuals with authentic, traditional, natural, quality culinary ingredients and sweets. In addition, our prices are highly competitive as we manufacture, source, import and sell directly to our clients.

What We Do...

  •     Travel around the Mediterranean and the Middle east region.
  •     Find the best quality culinary ingredients produced with traditional methods.
  •     Pack everything up in a shipping container.
  •     Import to California.
  •     Deliver to you.

Q for Quality

Quality is the most important thing in our everyday work. With quality and consistency we ensure long term relationships therefore we invest a lot of effort into making sure that almost all of the products we carry are Non-GMO. We also carry KOSHER, and Halal certified products. All of our manufacturers are HACCP and FDA compliant, in addition to ISO certifications.

Q for Quantity

Its simple, we have no Min. order quantity, nor Max. order quantity. Everything we sell, we deliver, it being one item, a pallet, or an entire 40' container. Contact us to get pricing on Bulk orders by navigating to our Bulk page.

Our Goal

Our plan is to grow organically with one high quality ingredient at a time while providing healthy, Non-GMO food to our customers who feed thousands of Americans every day.
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